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BID for Success

With Acocks Green Village businesses voting YES to a second term BID in 2016 which began on 1st January 2017, it gave us the power to continue to channel investment into our centre. Our BID generates around £500,000 over five years, plus additional funding gained via  external funding pots applied for, this gives us a level of investment never seen before in Acocks Green Village and one that has made a terrific impact since our inception in 2012.

Businesses having confidence in us to deliver more services during BID3 (our third 5-year term) will enable us to further invest in our town and continue to address issues and problems, tackling areas such as crime, anti-social behaviour, cleanliness, graffiti removal and generally improving the safety and kerb appeal of Acocks Green Village.

Our plan is to join hundreds of other towns and cities around the UK that have set their sights on a better future for their businesses with over 322 BIDs now active in towns and cities across the UK, and 12 in Birmingham alone.

  • 85% of UK centres that have voted on a BID voted YES
  • Even during the current pandemic, centres are voting YES in their BID areas
  • The majority of BIDs in the UK that have completed a first 5 year term, have voted YES to a 2nd term, and all BIDs going to 3rd term ballot have been successful, opting to maintain the high level of investment into their BID area

Tens of thousands of businesses – in retail, leisure, professional services, beauty, banks, pubs, restaurants, garages, hotels and more, from big names to the smallest independent traders – have voted YES to a BID. These areas have created stronger identities, increased their footfall, enjoyed safer, cleaner and greener environments and improved visitor perceptions.