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Core themes & Objectives

theme one: Growing Business Capacity for Change


Free business training courses and continued personal development training for staff in the levy area.

Generate more trade between Village businesses by enabling closer working relationships.

Deliver a higher quality kerb appeal and more appealing merchandising that better meets today’s visitor expectations and those of all businesses.
theme two: Stronger Image, Better Promoted

Enhance local perceptions of the centre and what it has to offer.

Deliver collective marketing campaigns that promote what the Village offers as a whole.

Better engage with commercial property agents and equip them with purposeful and factual information about the Village.
theme three: Better Kerb Appeal, More Going On

Create an environment and amenities that encourages more local people to visit the Village; to spend more time in it and visit more businesses.
theme four: Better Connected to Reduce Criminal Behaviour

Create a more integrated business community that can help to reduce the potential for crime and is better enabled to respond.

Further develop business relationships with our local policing team to address existing issues and identify more proactive ways of working together.
theme five: Business Led, Performance Driven

Secure the necessary commitment, expertise and drive to ensure that the BID delivers tangible, business-focussed outcomes.

Provide responsibility and accountability to all businesses in the BID area.

Monitor, assess and evolve the BID’s work to ensure maximum delivery on its priority areas.