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    Welcome to the Acocks Green Village Community page.

    Here you will find information on the many groups that make Acocks Green the Village it is today. These are groups of people who feel very passionately about the town and the surrounding areas. For more information about these individuals and groups, please click on their websites below.

    Acocks Green Heritage Trail

    For information about the new Acocks Green Heritage trail and our fantastic 8 history boards click on the link below. The trail leaflet is available to download also be clicking the attached link.


    Acocks Green In Bloom - http://acocks-green-neighbourhood-forum.org/villageinbloom/

    Acocks Green Focus Group


    We campaign on the fixed features of Acocks Green – we are concerned about the aesthetics and the layout -  we these are important for a better neighbourhood.  We want to conserve what is good, but, also, want to improve the centre – so we are big on ‘Kerb Appeal’ – one of the BID aims.  We are not just a website – we have monthly meetings and an on-going agenda of things we are working on, and we been involved in setting up lots of local meetings and events to discuss the future of the area.  Anyone who lives, works or carries on a business in Acocks Green can join us.

    Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum


    Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum is a community group organised and run by local people to discuss local issues and feedback the views of the community to the City Council and other relevant organisations. The Forum has been in existence for over 15 years and represents the residents of 4,000 households in Acocks Green.   The forum also produces a quarterly newsletter to keep residents informed of our work. Public Meetings take place at the Community Hall on Yardley Road, on the corner of Alexander Road.  Posters are always displayed in the library and around the Green to advertise the meetings and of course all the up to date information is on our website. We are always looking for people to become more involved in the forum and join the executive.  If you are interested in your local community and would like to contribute in anyway please contact us.

    Acocks Green History Society


    The place to go for any ‘heritage’ flavour items on Acocks Green.  Mike Byrne knows all about the history of the Village, the shopping centre, and is the former librarian at Acocks Green Library.  He is always updating the site with more research and he has also written a book about Acocks Green entitled; The Archive Photographs Series-Acocks Green.  Mike is also an active member of the Conservation Area Working Party.  mike7by@hotmail.com

    Councillor John O’Shea


    John is one of the two Councillors for Acocks Green. Contact John about Acocks Green matters, on john@john4ag.org.uk or call on 07749 192215. Follow John on Twitter @politicalhackuk or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/john4ag. Councillor surgeries are held weekly in the Community Room at Archbishop Ilsley School (accessed from behind Jeffries on Shirley Road) from 6.30pm to 7.30pm – termtime only.

    Councillor Roger Harmer 

    Roger is the other of our two Councillors for Acocks Green. You can contact him on local matters on roger.harmer@birmingham.gov.uk or call on 0121 451 3292. You can follow him on twitter on@rogerbhx and on Facebook on www.facebook.com/AcocksGreenLiberalDemocrats. Roger has a weekly advice bureau (no appointment necessary) at Acocks Green Library every Monday (except Bank Holidays) from 6pm to 7pm.

    West Midlands Police – Birmingham East Local Policing Unit/Acocks Green

    Acocks Green Christian Centre

    St Marys Church, Acocks Green
    Community First
    Community First is an £80 Million Government Funded initiative managed by the Community Development Foundation(CDF) supporting communities to come together to identify their local priorities, plan for the future, and develop grassroots activity.

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